Wednesday, September 20, 2006

quite a day

The day opened with the news that Sodrel backing out on his commitment had sacked the Indiana9/IUS debate in New Albany. Originally scheduled for October 1, Sodrel came up with a fig leaf of an excuse (Congress might be in session-- on a Sunday evening and the beginning of Yom Kippur?...I don't think so!). Then, Indiana9 tried to get a new date for awhile before giving up on what is surely a frustrating process. You'd think this would be easy (in the future, it will be if I'm elected!), but Hill and now Sodrel have worked to make the debates, well, another Washington DC-style screw-up.

This evening, we asked Hill's camp if he wants to participate in some public forum on October 1. It seems like it'd be a great thing for both campaigns and a perhaps fatal blow to Sodrel's campaign-- after what has been a rough week (including guilt by association with the "push poll" controversy) and with him already down in the polls. We'll see...

The other question is why Sodrel would take a positive (given Hill's shenanigans with the run-up to the WTIU debate) and turn it into a black eye for himself-- especially when he's losing the race. One can only guess that being in the debate would cause more damage than backing out-- an amazing consideration. Then again, if one saw the first debate, maybe that's not a stretch. And perhaps he thinks that dropping half a million on TV ads will carry the day, despite this fiasco.

This evening, I attended the FOP candidate event in Columbus. Small crowd but good to meet a few people. Before that, I recorded my radio commercials for the campaign-- that was fun. We're looking forward to making our relatively little media splash. Check back with the website soon for the ads. They were fun to write, to produce, and to strategize.