Saturday, September 02, 2006

debate re-cap

You can view Thursday night's debate on the web at:

Locally, you can (perhaps) view the debate on TV-- at 7:00 and 8:00 on Monday, September 4th on "Indiana9".
See for directions on tuning in to that channel.

In a Courier-Journal poll after the debate, I've done pretty well. Although this sort of polling is unscientific, I'd rather have those numbers that 2-3%! See:

The debate was an interesting and excellent experience. I thought it went pretty well, but I think I probably have substantial room for improvement. (I haven't seen the tape yet-- and it was largely a blur-- so I wouldn't want to say anything definitive yet!) In particular, I suspect that I was too tempted to look at my notes. I need a better system there-- probably with fewer, more concise notes. And I think I did pretty well in avoiding rambling answers, but could have been more direct at times and finished with a stronger sentence.

By the way, my throat held up fine-- through two classes earlier than debate and then the debate that night. (I had been diagnosed with strep throat on Wednesday afternoon and my throat was as sore on Wednesday as I can ever remember.) Thanks to those who prayed for me, to the work of the antibiotics, and to the Great Physician who covered the rest!

There were two big surprises in the debate:
1.) Keeping track of time was more difficult than I anticipated. I guess I was expecting a clock near the camera. Instead, it was on the upper right of the podium with a glare on it. So, it was difficult to keep track of time.
2.) It was more difficult than I expected to gather my thoughts with someone talking right next to me (giving his answer). It was quite a juggling act to keep in mind the original question, formulate my answer, and listen to what my opponents were saying (and consider what I might want to respond to).

Onward and upward!