Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bayh for President?

I agree with Senator Bayh that the Democrats have forgotten about the middle class (aside from its most prominent interest groups). In fact, a large part of my campaign is an attempt to lay out some of the largest issues: elementary and secondary education, payroll taxes, and Social Security. Instead, most Democratic politicians are content to ignore those issues to focus on secondary issues (e.g., the minimum wage) or just bashing Republicans.

An article in the C-J talks about Bayh's presidential aspirations and his call to address middle class issues. Evidence that he's serious: he said "middle class" 45 times in a recent speech. (If he said it 50 times, that would be proof, right?!) I like the basic rhetoric but am worried about the details. Additional subsidies for college education but nothing about expanding choice in elementary and secondary education. "Reward hard work"-- however he's going to do that-- but nothing about payroll taxes. "Retirement security", but we're left wondering this is a call to fundamental reform in Social Security.

It's too early to tell yet, but perhaps Bayh will join me in moving his fellow Democrats to pursue justice for all of those in the working poor and the middle-- not just those who belong to interest groups.