Wednesday, May 24, 2006

our two significant Courier-Journal media hits so far

On my selection as the Libertarian candidate for the 9th District:

A nice campaign overview: "Yesterday Schansberg said he's not satisfied that anyone running for the 9th District seat is 'speaking to really important issues' for the lower and middle classes, including payroll taxes, Social Security reform and education. Those issues will be as big a part of his campaign as his position on fiscal restraint. He said yesterday that President Bush and the Republican Congress have increased spending at a greater rate than any administration at least since that of Lyndon Johnson."

On our offer to debate Hill after he called for a debate with Sodrel:

My favorite part: "Schansberg is a professor, economist, prolific writer and articulate speaker. So it's possible that he could hurt both of his opponents in a debate or at least stir up some issues that neither really wants to address."