Thursday, August 17, 2006

debates and debating debates

Good news this week-- that I'll get to participate in the August 31st debate in Bloomington. Thankfully, a few requests and making our case to the sponsor was enough to get the job done. We're looking forward to adding substance and important but overlooked topics to the proceedings!

Since my inclusion, things have gotten "curiouser and curiouser" in terms of the format. Baron has made the most noise about wanting debates. But of course, he declined to debate me (an economics professor!) on the demand and supply of gas when Sodrel was busy. He also seems to be the biggest stickler in negotiating certain details.

Interestingly, he wants this first debate to be on just one issue-- not surprisingly one of the ones central to his campaign-- our nation's energy policy, gas prices, etc. (It's not a great issue for him-- and pales in comparison to the issues he ought to emphasize-- but it's apparently one of the best he has in a limited arsenal.)

It's an odd thing to demand a single-issue debate since it gives the impression that he can only handle one issue at a time. And it's an interesting strategy to lobby for this particular issue, since it is so obviously self-serving. What will voters think about his approach? What happens if the negotiations backfire? Stay tuned!