Sunday, July 23, 2006

12% of the vote!

Dale Moss (with the Louisville Courier-Journal) conducted a survey of 9th District voters. Of the 624 people who answered, 72 people (12%) said they would vote for me. Sodrel won the survey with 49%, while 39% selected Hill.

The survey is not scientific and is not equivalent to the random sampling of a poll. That said, I'd rather get 12% than 2%! The best part is that I was not included as a choice in the newspaper article or on the website. So, survey participants had to work a lot harder to choose me-- to write-in my name in an email or a letter.

The survey was finished in mid-June. Since then, we've opened our website and have campaigned actively. As we get the word out, we are confident that people will increasingly see me as a positive alternative to the other two candidates.