Friday, August 25, 2006

looking forward to Thursday's debate

The campaign has gone well so far. Our media coverage is solid now-- excellent in the south part of the district and emerging quickly in Bloomington, Seymour and Columbus. We're clearly above the media's radar now for the most part. (Campaigning at "Sellersburg Celebrates!" tonight, it was encouraging for a bunch of people to say they had heard of me or seen me in the paper.)

And then, there's the debate. What a great opportunity-- for my campaign and for the public to hear underemphasized issues and provocative points. It should be a smile! I'm looking forward to the experience-- and all that I'll learn. And I'm looking forward to taking a few more steps forward in moving our campaign forward.

Tune in to WTIU if you can. It may still be covered on other local channels; as they say, check your local listings. And if nothing else, you can watch it (live or later) on WTIU's website.