Thursday, June 26, 2008

Press Release: Business Districts, County Fairs, First Radio Ad

Schansberg completes tour of business districts, looks forward to county fairs and campaign's first radio ad

On Tuesday, Eric Schansberg, the Libertarian candidate in Indiana's 9th District for the U.S. House, completed his tour of the 9th's business districts. Schansberg walked through 38 cities and towns, meeting small business owners and their employees.

Schansberg said, "Most of the time, it was just a brief introduction. But I really enjoyed talking at greater length with many people—talking with them about economics and public policy and hearing their desire to have someone new in Washington."

On Thursday, Schansberg will campaign with his wife Tonia at the Dearborn County fair—the first of 20 county fairs in the 9th District over the next six weeks.

And next week, Schansberg will debut his radio ad of the campaign—on gas prices. The 60-second ad will run more than 500 times on 10 different stations across the district over the next five weeks. The ad can also be heard at

Schansberg said, "The price of gas is the burning issue of this campaign so far. Baron has been unwilling to debate me—despite his repeated demand for a debate on gas prices in May 2006. I'm sorry to see Baron's hypocrisy but understand why he'd be embarrassed. We should start drilling for oil off the Gulf Coast and in ANWR—and we should stop devaluing the dollar through massive government spending and debt. We hope to turn up the heat on Baron through these ads."