Thursday, June 12, 2008

satire: "I'm voting Republican"

Funny stuff-- a video satire on why one would (not) vote Republican...

Of course, it'd be easy to add quite a few for why one would (not) vote Democrat...

-I'm voting Democrat because I want someone who will verbally oppose our on-going efforts in Iraq, but repeatedly vote to fund that effort.

-I'm voting Democrat because I want someone who claims to be representing the working poor and middle class, but says nothing about the payroll taxes that oppress them far more than income taxes.

-I'm voting Democrat because they proudly spend a lot of our money and ring up a lot of government debt (as opposed to Republicans who pretend not to).

-I'm voting Democrat because I admire the impending privatization of the government's provision of Senate dining services (due to low quality and high costs) and am sure they'll extend the same logic to end the government's monopoly power over elementary and secondary education.

-I'm voting Democrat because they so vociferously defend Social Security's negative rate-of-return for African-Americans.

-I'm voting Democrat because they love corporate subsidies and earmarks.

-I'm voting Democrat because they trust 14-year-olds to get controversial medical procedures without a parent's knowledge, but don't trust the same parents to make competent decisions about their own retirements, their children's schools, the medicines they can take, and so on.