Thursday, May 15, 2008

Press Release: Schansberg challenges Hill to debate on gas prices

After challenging Rep. Baron Hill to a debate on gas prices, Eric Schansberg has yet to hear back from Hill’s campaign. Dr. Schansberg is following the tradition set by Hill in May 2006 when Hill challenged former Rep. Mike Sodrel to a debate on gas prices.

Hill demanded a debate with Sodrel in 2006 after average gas prices increased from $1.99 in November 2004 (when Sodrel entered office) to $2.87 in May 2006—a 44% increase. Since Hill returned to Congress in November 2006, gas prices have risen from $2.23 to $3.74—a 68% increase.

“Voters deserve an explanation from Congressman Hill,” Schansberg said. “Baron thought this was an important issue in 2006. Surely, he will want to address it now.”

Schansberg added: “As an economist, I know that gas prices are determined by the market. And we all know that Democrats support a range of policies that restrict the supply of oil and gas—and thus, keep prices higher. Baron also supports increased government spending and debt, which continue to weaken the dollar and drive up the price of imported oil.”

“That’s why we need a change in Washington – a change of direction to help Southern Indiana families,” Schansberg said. “I understand the hardships working families face, and in Congress, I'll support measures that will increase the supply of oil and lower gas prices—instead of sending taxpayer dollars to special interest groups like oil companies and corporations that produce alternative energy."