Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hill endorses Obama: why and why now?

Baron has endorsed Obama for President. HoosierPundit has a nice summary of the articles available as well as some analysis.

Given that Hill chose to endorse Obama, I think I understand Hill's timing: probably to look like he was carefully considering both options, perhaps to exert some influence, and certainly to avoid choosing Obama as a super-delegate after the district goes for Clinton in a big way.

But why did Hill think that it was smart to pick Obama? Relatively speaking, and despite some baggage in embracing Obama, Hill must think that he has Clinton voters in his pocket and needs to reach out to Obamites-- instead of thinking he has the O's in hand and needs to appeal to C's. Given that, Obama's connection to "change" and his Iraq position (ironic given Hill's support for the status quo) would seem to be the draw for Hill.

Of course, if voters want someone who will work to bring our involvement in Iraq to an end-- or if they want someone who represents true change rather than spare change-- they'll choose me.