Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Press Release: Hill flunks again

The National Taxpayers Union has just released their annual report on Congressional spending. (The report is available at:

Rep. Baron Hill received his fifth F for his seven years in Congress. (The other two years, he received a D.) His score of 14% puts him in the NTU’s category, “Big Spender”.

Mike Pence again topped the Indiana delegation with an A. Dan Burton earned an A this year as well, while Steve Buyer earned a B+ and Mark Souder earned a B-.

In his two years in Congress, Mike Sodrel earned a B and then a C+.


As a Libertarian, Eric Schansberg expects to easily earn an A from the NTU.

About Hill, Schansberg said: “This is just one more indication that Baron Hill is a poser on the topic of fiscal conservatism. I understand why he wants the title, but his record simply doesn’t match the label. He might as well try to tell us that he’s pro-life and wants to bring the troops home quickly.”

About the campaign, Schansberg said: “It’s clear that I’m the only fiscal conservative in the race. If the size of the federal government and its budget debt are important to voters, then I’m glad to give them a voting option in November.”