Friday, May 09, 2008

new Club for Growth stats on fiscal conservatism (or more likely, not)

Club for Growth has just released its measures of fiscal conservatism for 2007. (They have numbers for 2005 and 2006 as well.)

For a look at all Indiana House members over those three years, click here.

Among Hoosier reps...

-Not surprisingly, Mike Pence dominates-- with 99% and an average ranking of 3rd (out of 435).
-Dan Burton is next with 78% and an average ranking of 67th. Steve Buyer is close behind with 74% and 79th. Mark Souder trails a bit with 60% and an average of 123rd place

-Of past reps, Chocola was impressive with 93%-- good for 12th place. Hostettler had 76% and 58th place. And of local interest, former 9th District representative Mike Sodrel had 60% and an average of 113rd place.

-And then there's the Democrats. Among the "blue dogs", Ellsworth at 18% and 206th edged out 9th District Representative Baron Hill at 15% and 216th.

-For the those further down the socialism spectrum, we wrap up with Julia Carson at 5% and 364th; Visclosky at 3% and 392nd; and Donnelly at 1% and 394th.

Of course, along with NTU and CAGW data, we have a third piece of evidence that neither Sodrel nor Hill are fiscal conservatives.

I'm glad to provide voters with a Mike Pence-like, fiscally conservative option-- if this is an important issue for them!