Saturday, November 04, 2006

NAACP banquet

It was a pleasure to attend the NAACP dinner/program this evening in Jeffersonville. My ad got dropped from the evening's program; it fell through the cracks somehow. But they offered federal candidates three minutes to speak-- and I took the occasion to speak briefly on wanting the troops out of Iraq the quickest, being the only fiscal conservative, and then working through my usual discussion of payroll taxes and Social Security. The point that African-Americans earn a negative rate of return on SS is increasingly known-- but for many, it's a sobering revelation. The keynote speaker talked about the need to earn African-American votes-- and Democrats haven't done that in most cases. The motto this year for the local NAACP was "vote your values and value our vote". With my presence at three NAACP events and the issues I emphasize, it is clear which candidate values their group's votes the most!