Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Up to 5% in the WHAS poll!

I found out yesterday that our campaign is up from 2% to 5% in the latest SurveyUSA/WHAS poll. (Sodrel and Hill both lost ground to me and undecided.) All of this was within the margin of error, so we don't know what it means for sure. But the trend is consistent with what I've seen and heard-- that people can't stand the negative ads, and as I get more above the radar, more people find me to be a credible and positive alternative. I was also "attacked" by both campaigns in a newspaper piece on Saturday (in the Jeff/NA paper)-- also indicative that we're getting some traction. We'll keep plugging away. I wonder if the last two weeks will be modestly or very interesting? ;-)

Update: here's the link for the last Survey USA poll (#10622) from 2006...