Thursday, November 02, 2006

Debate II

It was good fun. I felt more relaxed going into this one (with one debate already under my belt) so much less of it seemed like a blur-- more humor, spontaneity, etc. I think it also felt better-- as in a warmer environment, including the presence of an audience. I don't know if it came across on TV, but it seemed like my stuff was warmly-received-- a lot of head-nodding, laughter, etc. I also went out in the lobby afterwards and enjoyed meeting a bunch of people. They were very encouraging and three people wanted to have their pics taken with me! ;-)

My favorite line was Don Mantooth's early blast about Sodrel and Hill being like two cats whose tails are tied together and tossed over a clothes-line! Funniest spontaneous moment: when Hill talked about those "fancy economists" and I got to do a little physical humor and respond that I'd never been called "fancy" before.

In terms of coverage: apparently, Indiana-9 had technical difficulties. But we were on C-Span live. Web traffic to our website was incredible-- with more than 300 hits yesterday and early this morning. Encouraging emails from around the district and across the country.