Thursday, October 26, 2006

Liberty and Libraries

Wow! What an evening last night-- to see the re-opening of the refurbished Carnegie Library in Jeffersonville and the "Wall of Liberty" bas-relief sculpture out front. The Carnegie will be the imminent home to the Remnant Trust-- an amazing collection of key, original works important to liberty.

The Library was simply beautiful-- in a way that only a refurbished classic building can duplicate. The sculpture was moving-- in thinking about the lives of people who have made such a profound difference in the lives of others. In particular, I enjoyed seeing under-rated heroes like Bastiat and Acton. Over the years, I have enjoyed Bastiat's writings and my work with the Acton Institute. Finally, the thought of something like the Remnant Trust coming to Jeffersonville is amazing.

A few people said they were happy to see me there--I think, in my role as a candidate for public office. But the decision to attend was a no-brainer. To me, it's all about liberty and freedom-- as an economist and as a Christian.