Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hill/Sodrel IV (= Hill/Schansberg/Sodrel II?)

from this AM's Jeff/NA Tribune:

I've heard similar speculation, but this is the first I've seen in print.

Among other things, Davis reports that: Sodrel said he’s concerned the Republican Party has drifted from its traditions of promoting “smaller government, strong defense and American values,” contending it has allowed government to “get too big and spent too much money.”

I agree (except I'm not sure which "American values" he wants to promote). The perplexing and frustrating part is that Sodrel went along with this "drift" on "smaller government" when he was in Congress. If his voting record had matched the rhetoric (or if either candidate had spoken to the issues that most impact the working poor and middle class), I wouldn't have joined the race in 2006.

If he runs again, will Sodrel apologize and be repentant about his votes for big government (see also: his votes to send taxpayer monies to Planned Parenthood)-- or will he act as if it never happened?