Monday, September 15, 2008

radio and TV ads underway

We're into week 2 of our paid media campaign...

Of course, we'd love to have your help this Fall in purchasing more time on radio and cable TV. In July, we bought 500 radio ads on gas prices. For the Fall, we've already bought another 1000 radio ads and more than 2000 cable TV ads.

And we can do more if we have your support.

We have nine radio ads and two TV ads in hand (with one more of the latter on the way soon). You can hear our radio ads here and see one of our TV ads here.

What can your money buy? $100 can purchase...
-11 ads on Dave Ramsey's show in Seymour
-23 ads on the Neal Boortz show in Southern Indiana
-16 ads on Discovery or TLC in prime-time in Bloomington
-50 ads on MSNBC, Food, or VH1 in prime-time in Columbus
-33 ads on ESPN2 or CNN in prime-time in Jasper

Beyond financial help, if you're local: let us know if you want a yard sign, car magnets, t-shirt, bumper stickers, etc.

thanks for your time and consideration...eric