Tuesday, September 11, 2007

what Hill said about what Petraeus said (revisited)

We have been teased by this president for far too long, and the tease continues. Unfortunately, American lives are at stake...

I was struck by Baron twice using the word "tease"-- and then noting that American lives are at stake.

Of course, Baron has been "teasing" his constituents when he claims to be pro-life, a fiscal conservative, and a friend of the working poor and those in the middle class.

And notably and "unfortunately", American lives are at stake in the context of abortion. Whether we look through the lens of science-- where it is a certainty that human life is sacrificed through abortion-- or through the lens of ethics/morality/religion where it is an abomination to treat human life in such a cavalier manner, Baron's position here is a fatal tease.

In the context of fiscal conservatism and the state of the working poor and the middle class, it's the quality of life for the more marginal members of society that's at stake. Baron and the Democrats continue to saddle the American taxpayers (current and future) with staggering spending and debt. And Baron continues to say nothing about payroll taxes, the 1% rate of return for Social Security (and a negative rate of return for African-Americans), substantive education reform, policies that increase the price of food, clothing and shelter, and policies that lock the working poor out of labor markets.

Baron is quite a tease himself. And at the end of the day and the end of the tease, it should be obvious that the Emperor/Baron doesn't have any clothes on.