Tuesday, August 21, 2007

one of the best policy analysts the Democrats could find last week

On Saturday, the Democratic leadership used a waitress, Fawn Townsend, in its weekly radio address to voice policy points on the minimum wage and other forms of government activism.

The most amusing part of this is that, as a waitress, she probably doesn't earn the minimum wage-- either in the legal or financial sense. Restaurants are allowed to pay under the minimum and most if not all servers earn more than the minimum after tips.

While Fawn is a waitress, she apparently stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night, which qualifies her to be a public policy analyst-- or at least a politician, a spinmeister, or a political hack. Her analysis is par for the course from Democrats in particular but most politicians in general-- exaggerate the benefits and downplay or ignore the costs.

I loved her big conclusion:

"I'm grateful that our Democratic leaders in Congress...have accomplished more this year than Republicans accomplished in the past six years combined...

Objectively speaking, there's no way that's true. But even it were, why would Democrats want to brag about that?!