Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Schansberg agrees to “lie detector” debate proposal

October 8, 2008


Schansberg agrees to “lie detector” debate proposal

On Wednesday, Dr. Eric Schansberg agreed to a debate proposal from 9th District Republican Party Chairman Larry Shickles. Shickles proposed that the three candidates would be allowed to ask each other a pre-determined number of questions—while connected to a polygraph lie detector.

In his letter, Shickles expressed a common sentiment—that the race for the 9th District seat during the last four campaigns has been unnecessarily negative and unproductive, because of negative campaigning by Rep. Baron Hill and former Rep. Mike Sodrel.

Schansberg commented: “I’d love to see more debates—whatever the format. But Baron is unlikely to cooperate. After repeatedly demanding debates (immediately after the primaries) in 2006, he is now quite reluctant to debate. It’s hypocritical, but understandable. He has a huge lead in the polls; he has a big money advantage; and his answers are often unimpressive. I can see why he’d want to severely limit his exposure to debates.”

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