Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sodrel and I gain on Hill in latest SurveyUSA poll

In the most recent WHAS11/SurveyUSA poll,

I picked up one point-- from 4 to 5%. (They report me at 4% but it should be 5% given the raw numbers.)

Sodrel picked up two points-- from 40 to 42%-- and Hill dropped 2%, from 51 to 49%.

Election Advantage talks about our campaign in a favorable light:

Also keep an eye on Libertarian Eric Schansberg, who won 4% in 2006 and gets 5% in this poll, although he draws his support evenly from both parties.

Of course, I had hoped to pick up more support than that. We worked hard in June and July-- walking 38 business districts, running a spate of 500+ radio ads, and wrapping up the county fairs. At this point, we're hoping that the multiple exposures will amount to something a lot bigger in the Fall-- planting seeds that will hopefully bear fruit as voters turn more attention to our race.