Saturday, July 05, 2008

July 4th parade in Bloomington

We participated in the July 4th parade in Bloomington and had a great time!

(I was told that Baron and Mike chose Pekin instead. While I toured the staging stations before the parade, I talked briefly with one of Baron's aides and his wife Betty-- the second time we've met (she seems quite nice). I didn't see any Sodrel reps.)

It rained quite a bit-- especially just beforehand. But not so much that we couldn't meet a lot of people. Even with the inclement weather, the crowd was quite good.

We had Brett's electric truck as our vehicle-- an electric/battery-powered truck that he built. Awesome! The truck was decorated with signs, banners and car magnets from our campaign as well as more general Libertarian messages. I had four people handing out literature as I walked around shaking hands and meeting people.

Thanks to the many people we had helping us with the event. Greg headed up the effort to organize. Greg, Andrew, Aaron, Matt and his little boy Carson handed out materials. Brett provided the vehicle. Margaret was there too-- but stayed out of the rain!

It was a pleasure to meet Andrew and Aaron. They will head up our efforts at IU this Fall.

Andrew also filmed and edited a video of the event and an interview with me (post-parade; check out that hair!).